crystal sinclair

Crystal Sinclair has been designing since 2003. She started and ran her own firm in San Antonio, Texas for ten years. Being creative and resourceful she produced fun and personal environments for small budgeted clients. During the next nine years, her clientele expanded to high-end, high-profile clients. She's worked solo with custom builders and architects; later, after moving to New York, she worked with senior designers and their teams before working on her own again in New York.

In design, her main goal is to capture the personalities of the person(s) she's designing for; nothing could be more dreadful than a themed room/home. 

She strongly believes in four elements: layering, texture, contrast, and proportion.

LAYERING - Crystal loves layering, and think it's an art of it's own. She layers everything from accessories, to wall art, to tables.  

TEXTURE - Texture is underrated, variation is an absolute must!  She believes there should always be a variety of texture in a space and prefers texture over pattern any day!


CONTRAST -  She uses a healthy dose of contrast in each design as well as in photography knowing it creates good depth and distinction in a given space. 


PROPORTION -  It is important to have a variety of sizes for the eye to enjoy. This is true mostly with accessories.  There should be a wide range, from the smallest of finds to the largest of treasures - of course layering them appropriately!

Crystal frequently uses these four elements, however she does not adhere to them as there are no rules in design.  As she says - it's art!  Each space creates it's own boundaries and requirements; it's her job as a designer to find the harmony each space needs and in doing so creating a home you will enjoy!

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