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c r y s t a l
s i n c l a i r

Cacti, tacos, hot days, and an arid landscape are some of Crystal's favorite things. From this, you can probably gather she's a born-and-raised Texan! But don't let this fool you... she's quite adept and feels more at home in New York City. Her interiors reflect a love of both, the refined city shuffled in with the ease and whimsy of the South.


Crystal has always been drawn to the arts, and over time this grew into a love and passion for interior design. She has been designing for over thirteen years, originally running a firm in San Antonio, Texas, for ten years while operating her own furniture store. 

She has developed a central belief with design: have fun, push boundaries, get creative, and do something unexpected! She always weaves in one element of surprise in every room, something that makes you smile. Each space has its own boundaries and needs. She believes it's her job as a designer to find the harmony each space needs and in doing so create a home that the clients love. Her passion for design mixed with her Southern sweet attitude make every design process a pleasure.


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