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Crystal Sinclair Designs (CSD) is a small innovative husband and wife full-service interior design firm founded in 2019 and is based in New York. They specialize in creative residential and hospitality projects across the country. CSD's signature style varies project to project but is always warm, unique, functional, and soulful. Most describe their work as bold, eclectic, fun, and welcoming - they are not afraid of color or mixing aesthetics. Crystal Sinclair Designs has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Domino, Interior Design, and House Beautiful, just to name a few.


Crystal was born and raised in Texas where she started her design career more than 15 years ago. Crystal has always been drawn to the fine arts and enjoys painting. She uses her artistic eye to create fun, balanced, and layered spaces. She understands and is careful with proportions and color. Crystal loves a good contrast, rather that be with colors or textures. She has an approachable and friendly yet professional relationship with all her clients. Crystal Sinclair has the ability to sense what CSD's clients want and then push them just the right amount creating a unique interior that is tailored to each client. Crystal is extremely passionate with each and every project CSD signs on.

Ben was born and raised in Connecticut and joined CSD in 2021. Ben studied and worked as a mechanical engineer for over a decade, designing and building specialized robots that perform tasks in environments too inaccessible or dangerous for people - including swimming in nuclear reactors, driving inside gas pipelines, and balancing on powerlines. At CSD, he is a natural fit for the technical aspects - problem-solving, innovative solutions, and detailed CAD work. Though he previously worked in the engineer field, he's always had a penchant for aesthetics and design, and enjoys expressing his artistic voice at CSD. 

Through the spaces they design, Crystal and Ben strive to reflect the homeowner's personality with the ultimate goal of making them, as well as their family and friends, feel welcome and at ease in the newly designed space. Their mission is for every one of their clients to feel joy and comfort each time they walk into their home for years to come.  "A home should not only look pretty, we want there to be an emotional connection between the client and the finished space. As a former artist, I definitely take a creative and artistic approach to a space." Crystal says. "It's not about rules and numbers, it's about emotions and proportions." 

Casual and relaxed in the way they collaborate with clients, they take their work very seriously and passionately. Crystal Sinclair Designs has developed a central belief with design: creative thinking, push boundaries, keep exploring and growing, and create something fresh as well as unexpected! They strongly believe in layering, mixing textures, creating depth and telling a story. Each space has its own boundaries and needs. "It's about honing in a listening to a space, learning what it wants," Crystal explains. Crystal and Ben believe it's their job as designers to find the harmony each client and space needs - and in doing so, create a home that the owners love and are proud to call home. 

CSD is currently working on projects in Texas, Washington DC, Chicago, and New York. Crystal and Ben live in Tuxedo Park, NY with their six year old daughter and their dog, Trinity.

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